How to Select the Right Web Hosting Company



Are you ready to launch your new website? Do you need to move your existing website to a different hosting provider? Do you want to market to a larger audience?


If you want to be successful in taking that next step, take a few minutes to consider these critical factors to determine the type of web hosting solution you need, how to select the right domain name, and select the right hosting company to accommodate your need.


Below you will find a list of different types of website solutions:



This type of website is used to educate your audience about your products and/or services offered. There is usually a limited or small amount of media content such as audio and video with a set number of images used to enhance the design, structure, or communicate some sort of message. Some good examples of informational websites would be,, and, as well as websites for doctors, dentists and law firms. These websites, more often than not, requires a simple hosting solution.



Media based websites typically display a rather large amount of media intense content such as audio and video to communicate their message to their audiences. Some examples of media based sites are,, and Two considerations to weigh when utilizing this type of online solution: the number of users and/or site visitors and the average size of the media content that will be displayed. Determining these important factors will dictate how much space, bandwidth and speed are needed to handle multiple users accessing various media components.



The purpose of an e-commerce website is to make products and/or services available for purchase. Factors which make a successful e-commerce site include the ability for shoppers to easily view products for sale, a shopping cart solution for keeping items selected for purchase, and a secure method for payment transactions. The decision on how to process payments is the most vital factor to consider. Most e-commerce hosting solutions handle payment transactions through the use of an external or third-party payment gateway, such as PayPal, and Google Wallet to name but a few. However, for those who wish to use their own proprietary payment solution, it is important to find a hosting provider that can accommodate such a solution. A few examples of e-commerce website solutions would be, and



The database and web application solution requires an assessment of the amount of data or information that needs to be stored and the operations that will be performed on that data. For websites that require large database solutions, web space, bandwidth, speed and reliability are all import factors to consider. These factors are critical for handling simultaneous operations such as registering and storing user data, retrieving and displaying data based on search queries, as well updating and modifying stored records. Website that typically fall this category are,, and



Once you understand the needs and requirements for your solution, you will need to find a hosting company that will work best for that solution.



Just Host is a fairly new player in the web hosting game. Established in 2008, they’ve rapidly made a name for themselves for being easy to use and offering a money-back guarantee if their server is down more than .1% of a month. With their straightforward, well-organized control panel, and simple click to install features, Just Host is aimed at the novice web user ready to get a business up and running in now time. This platform is great for informational websites. For more information on hosting services provided by Just Host, visit



Since 1996, Bluehost has been a web hosting industry leader in providing top-notch tech support and reliability. With more technical features available, Bluehost is perfect for the webmaster with a bit of experience under the belt, although anyone willing to learn can master the tools. Their claim to fame lies with its robust feature set, and advanced suite of tools. You are provided with quick access to key account areas and features such as billing, domain management and a control panel that displays all you need in a well-organized, simplified manner. For those looking to build more complex web applications, Bluehost has you covered with powerful web tools such as SSH, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Perl, PHP and MySQL. This company offers solutions for a wide variety of hosting solutions, including, media intensive sites, database driven solutions, and ecommerce based solutions. To find out more about Bluehost’s professional hosting services, visit


ADVANCED HOSTING SOLUTIONS, launched in 1999, is well-established and well-oiled web hosting company directed at those webmasters for small to medium-sized businesses with the need for more advanced hosting solutions. Priding itself on customer service, Host Monster serves up an enticing cancel at any time deal, and ranks high with their 24/7, and speedy customer support. Rounding out their cornucopia of advantages includes over 50 website scripts like Python, Per15, PHP5 and Ruby on Rails, as well as various ecommerce shopping carts to get your online store up and running in record time. This platform is ideal for companies looking to host solutions that are highly media intensive and database-driven. Look for more information about advanced hosting solutions, visit





Shopify has quickly become the go-to company for new and existing online retailers to manage product orders, contact customers, and track sales trends. They offer a great e-commerce solution with a very user-friendly interface for uploading and organizing product images, a highly secure platform, and a ton of add-ons that can be integrated to customize the potential buyers’ shopping experience. They also offer the flexibility to customize the look and feel of a store for those who are skilled in the areas of HTML and CSS coding. To begin selling your products online, visit



Big Cartel is another online-store solution that provides a simple set up process and easy-to-add features for those new to the e-commerce world. Their platform is designed to provide store owners with the ability to set up and began selling their products online in a jiffy. Unlike a lot of other store platforms, they provide a nice set of ready to go templates to choose from. They even offer a free plan, which is great for brands with a small number of products. Although, their platform only supports the PayPal payment gateway, Big Cartel has a number of awesome add-ons and features.  Check out e-commerce plans and solutions at



Now that you have determined your solution and have chosen your host, it is time to make that vital decision to select your domain name. With the number of companies on the Internet today, having the right domain name is paramount when it comes to successfully standing out. How your business is discovered, thought about, and even searched for online is all affected by your domain name. Factors such as the extension (.com, .org, .net), the length of the name, and companies with similar or close names all need to be considered, as well as its uniqueness, how easy it is to remember, and how closely it can be identified with your company name and/or services. So stop procrastinating and reserve your spot on the web today.



Most companies offer email as a part of their hosting solutions at no additional charge, however, it is always best to verify this before setting up your account. Having an email account associated with your company domain can give your business a certain level of credibility. In most cases, it is perceived as more professional as opposed to using an email address that is associated with a free account, such as @gmail, @yahoo, or @aol., which often raises concern about the authenticity and operations of the company.
The email accounts created through your hosting company are derived from your domain name (for example: if your domain name is, your emails will be You may also have the option to set up email accounts associated with your domain using an external email source, such as Google Email Apps, a free service offered by Google Business. The latter can be little more involved and requires the use of mail exchange records (mx records). This mechanism is used to specify the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of the recipient’s domain.



In summary, choosing the right hosting company for your web solution can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways. It can provide you with a solid foundation for building, expanding and marketing your business online. It also allows for the opportunity for you to extend your market footprint, display new products or services, and market your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.